About Us
iAnalytics Solutions Inc. is a business solutions consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Since being established in 2009 the iAnalytics Solutions has focused exclusively on providing solutions to enable our clients to implement & support ERP & Financial Systems, install and leverage Business Analytics applications and deliver Business Transformation initiatives.
Our focus
We have over 6 years of expeirience and extensive knowledge of ERP implementation, maintenance, data modeling, data extraction, integration and reports development. We have handled complex client requirements for ERP Systems, Financial Systems, Analytics and Business Transformation. This focus translates in to time & cost saving benefits for our clients; as we are able to provide appropiate solutions as per client's business requirements.

ERP & Financial Systems, GL, Analytics implementations & upgrades
ERP design, build, test, data migration, training & implementation
Functionality enhancement & systems optimisation
Business analysis
Process standardisation / automation: P2P [Payables] / O2C [Receivables] / R2R [Accounting]
Systems health checks
Software evaluation, selection & procurement advisory
ETL/BI implemetation and deployment
Report development
Business Process Transformation
Software development
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